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Applied DNA scales up traceability to recycled polyester

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Applied DNA Sciences is scaling up its CertainT traceability technology to include the authentication of recycled polyester, to help support sustainability claims as more brands move to adopt the material.

The company says its CertainT platform can provide evidence recycled product is used within a garment.

Currently, CertainT has mainly been used to authenticate cotton and polyester. The technology enables companies and their supply chains to designate a unique molecular identity tag that has meaning specific to the tagged material: for example, geographic facility location, brand, product line or even date of manufacture.

Applied DNA says the tag can be used on or in a variety of recycled materials that includes a wide range of polymers such as PET (polyethylene terephthalate), polypropylene, polyethylene and acrylics. The tags are then tested either in the field or in the lab, depending on material type and customer requirements. Portable DNA testing devices for tagged pellets are deployed for textiles made of recycled PET and viscose. The tracking of tagged items and their test reports can be accessed by customers from the cloud-based CertainT Textile Portal.