DNA structure


CertainT® proof point technologies help brands and manufacturers build trust and transparency in today’s complex world of commerce. The comprehensive, multifaceted CertainT approach delivers the truth needed to establish and maintain supply chain integrity. By referencing multiple proof points, inherent or imparted, CertainT enables source and authenticity verification of materials and products at any point as they pass through supply chains.

Equipped with CertainT proof, the perfect complement to digital transaction records, brands and manufacturers can establish and support the integrity of their products with a level of certainty that can only be realized with a forensic, multiple-proof-point approach.

CertainT® is a registered trademark of Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: APDN; ‘Applied DNA’) that collectively represents Applied DNA’s core DNA Tagging and Security Products and Services. Applied DNA is a biotechnology company developing polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based DNA technologies to enable both the production and detection of DNA. Click here to learn more: ADNAS.COM

CertainT’s Forensic Heritage

DNA Molecular Tags, the cornerstone of CertainT, have their origin in security, with applications including Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) protection (helping to facilitate numerous robbery convictions in the UK); asset protection (automobiles, art and other personal property); and anti-counterfeiting efforts including solutions for critical components, nutraceuticals, food and chemicals. The continued use of DNA Molecular tags as proof points in criminal and intellectual property legal action is a testament to their enduring forensic value. We currently support several long-time security and supply chain partners, and invite the opportunity to consider future possibilities.

With CertainT® molecular tags used as evidence:
Approximately 1,200 CViT boxes protected
Over 147 convictions obtained with 720 sentence years

Mission Statement

The mission of CertainT is to empower brands and manufacturers to secure their global supply chains. We dedicate ourselves to delivering innovative solutions and expert guidance that help facilitate transparent, responsible and sustainable business conduct. We believe that providing the ability to prove origin, authenticity and integrity of materials, processes and products can elevate global commerce, inspiring confidence in all its stakeholders.

Vision Statement

The CertainT approach strives to help businesses build trust, enhance transparency, and thrive in the vast and increasingly complex world of commerce. We endeavor to serve today’s truth-driven consumer by enabling them to make informed choices about the brands and products they choose to support.