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MeiLin Wan Discusses Surprising Results of Applied DNA Xinjiang Cotton Study

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We are excited to share that MeiLin Wan, Vice President of Textile for Applied DNA Sciences, was featured on a recent Print & Promo Marketing Podcast. In this insightful episode, Wan discusses a pivotal study revealing that 19% of textile products sold in the U.S. and abroad contain cotton sourced from China’s Xinjiang province. Surprisingly, many of these fibers are blended with cotton from other sources, highlighting a significant issue in the textile industry known as ”greenwashing,” where companies project a misleading image of environmental responsibility.

Tune in to hear MeiLin Wan and host Brendan Menapace delve into the persistent presence of Xinjiang cotton in apparel products, the ongoing battle against forced labor in the textile industry, and the measures apparel suppliers and distributors can take to ensure their products are ethically manufactured and sourced. This discussion sheds light on critical aspects of the industry and offers valuable insights for stakeholders committed to ethical practices.