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Cotton is global, complex and often unpredictable. In this ever-evolving marketplace, the role of compliance professionals and enterprise leadership has become increasingly critical. Among the myriad challenges they face, one issue has risen to the top tier of compliance concerns: forced labor. With the introduction of the UFLPA (Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act) and similar legislation worldwide, the global trade community is faced with the urgent need to verify supply chain integrity. CertainT® offers a comprehensive battery of tests to identify cotton origin, type and authenticity, enabling brands and manufacturers to monitor, with forensic certainty, the integrity of cotton used throughout supply chains, from fiber to finished product.

  • Comprehensive Brand Protection

Unique DNA Molecular tags are added to cotton fiber, processed cotton materials and finished products.

Cotton DNA Molecular Tags on Shirt

Confirm virtually any attribute, such as authenticity, manufacture location/date, intended distribution path and much more. You determine the attribute, we provide the proof.

DNA Molecular Tags

DNA Molecular Tags

  • Cotton Variety Verification
  • Fraudulent Blend Detection
  • GMO Cotton Identification

Inherent Cotton DNA is recovered from cotton fiber.

Picture of cotton representing cotton genomics

Genotyping involves analyzing endogenous cotton DNA to identify unique genetic biomarkers that distinguish different cotton families and varietals or distinguish genetically modified cotton. These biomarkers act as molecular signatures that can be used to verify cotton integrity throughout the supply chain.



  • Origin Verification
  • Geographic Provenance
  • UFLPA Compliance Utility

Inherent Natural Isotopes are recovered from cotton fiber.

Colorful world mage showing all continents

Isotopic Analysis provides evidence of origin for physical material and products, at multiple checkpoints, throughout the supply chain.



400 MILLION LBS. cotton tagged in multiple countries, THE ONLY COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION tagging, genotyping, isotope testing, 10,000 PCR TESTS conducted on cotton

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