Synthetic multicolor items


The use of synthetic fibers in textiles, whether they are new or recycled, requires careful consideration of environmental, health, safety, and regulatory concerns. Industry stakeholders must work continuously toward more sustainable practices, increased transparency, and compliance with evolving regulations to address these concerns and promote responsible textile production and consumption.

CertainT® affords brands and manufacturers the ability to apply DNA molecular tags to synthetic fibers and synthetics, such as recycled PET, at the source, creating a forensic proof point that can be used for authenticity verification throughout the supply chain.

High-tech fiber can be tagged with varying levels of specificity. Unique DNA molecular tags can be created and assigned to a manufacturer, brand, location or specific batch, making possible the ability to verify integrity at any point in the product development and distribution process – fiber, yarn, fabric and finished products. CertainT can contribute robust traceability functionality to any supply chain, delivering physical proof of claims including quality, sustainability, performance, and integrity.

CertainT DNA molecular tags are designed to be compatible and stable in a wide range of textile substrates and manufacturing processes:

  • Branded fibers (including recycled polyester)
  • Flame retardant materials and products
  • Performance coated or laminated materials
  • Advanced textiles, awnings, fabric structures, geosynthetic, marine and industrial fabrics
synthetic sports outfit wearing girl stretching
synthetic sheets
synthetic covered car seats

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