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How DNA helps track cotton through the supply chain

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We were pleased to have CertainT, our textiles supply chain traceability and authenticity platform, featured in the December 28, 2023 episode of the CBS Evening News’ ‘Eye on America’.

Reporter Ben Tracy explains how the industry can now trace a single cotton fiber around the world. Clip begins at 14:15.

The CBS piece sheds light on the revolutionary use of DNA technology to confirm the source of cotton. By tracing the origins of cotton back to specific farms, the textile industry can achieve increased transparency and accountability. By implementing DNA tagging and authentication, companies can potentially prevent fraud, promote fair trade practices, thereby creating a greater sense of trust for consumers concerned about the origins of their textiles.

CertainT uses DNA molecular tags, genomics and isotopes to deliver supply chain integrity and security solutions that address the unique challenges of modern global commerce.

The CBS piece showcases how our DNA technology marks a significant shift in the textile industry, providing a powerful tool to verify the authenticity and provenance of cotton. With concerns regarding sustainability, ethical sourcing, and fair trade practices becoming increasingly important to consumers, this innovation offers a promising solution to address the industry’s issues. The use of DNA testing not only strengthens transparency but also promotes accountability among suppliers, fostering a more responsible and traceable supply chain. Ultimately, CertainT has the potential to revolutionize the way textiles are sourced, offering consumers the assurance that the products they purchase align with their values and ethical standards.