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Partner-in-Proof Palmetto Synthetics

Applied DNA has been working with Palmetto Synthetics since 2016 to achieve their goals for traceability and sustainability for their textile fiber applications.

Palmetto Synthetics, a leader in the production of high quality, specialty synthetic fiber, uses CertainT to bring transparency to their own manufacturing processes, and also to provide their customers with traceability and trust in the original tagged synthetic fiber.

Under the CertainT® platform, customers are provided with secure, forensic guidelines for monitoring the flow of product through the manufacturing process. Routine inspection and authentication is transparent and certified throughout the process via an integrated database and portal. 

“To continue to be an industry leader, one must embrace new technology in paving the way to commit to customer excellence through the promotion of state of the art technology. As indicated in the past, we have our eye on the future and we are excited about CertainT’s platform and look forward to total implementation.”

David Poston, President of Palmetto Synthetics

Headquartered in Kingstree, SC, Palmetto Synthetics has established itself as an industry leader not only in product quality and market expertise, but in commitment to customer excellence and promotion of sustainable and greener production practices within the fiber industry. Learn more at