Multicolor threads


Textile brands and manufacturers are aware of the detrimental effects of counterfeit products, ranging from lost sales to the potential loss of brand equity. To combat this global threat, CertainT® has partnered with A&E to create an innovative and economical solution for brands and retailers to authenticate and validate their products, anywhere within their supply chains, through a common component – sewing thread.

Integrity™ advanced identification sewing threads, infused with CertainT DNA molecular tags and Beacon® rapid optical reporter, provide a powerful authenticity solution for customers requiring true anti-counterfeiting brand protection. Beacon offers quick-check functionality for in-the-field optical authenticity screening and, when needed, analysis for the presence of the DNA molecular tag provides forensic proof of authenticity. From running shoes, to performance athleisure wear, to luxury brands, all can benefit from Integrity sewing thread.

Integrity™ is a trademark of American & Efird LLC

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