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Ethical Sourcing

Concerns about the treatment of animals in the leather industry include issues such as inhumane farming practices, overcrowding, and unethical slaughter methods. The industry is making efforts to address these concerns by promoting humane treatment and ethical sourcing. CertainT® can help leather brands and manufacturers to verify ethical and sustainable sourcing with DNA molecular tags. These unique tags are applied to leather at the source, creating a forensic proof point that can be referenced throughout the supply chain.

Counterfeiting and Diversion

Counterfeiting and diversion remain persistent challenges in the leather industry. The resulting brand dilution, unauthorized sales and customer confusion/dissatisfaction have resulted in significant revenue losses for genuine leather brands and manufacturers.

Vigilant brand protection efforts, including the use of CertainT DNA molecular tags, can help manufacturers and retailers differentiate between counterfeit and authentic products, and identify diverted goods. Applied to leather after tanning, DNA molecular tags can be referenced throughout the supply chain, offering the proof necessary to legally combat illegitimate manufacturing and distribution efforts.

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