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Partner-in-Proof Sun Chemical

Applied DNA formed a strategic alliance with Sun Chemical Supply in 2019, enabling the adoption of CertainT across textiles, footwear, accessories and component value chains.

Established for over 60 years as a chemicals, synthetic materials and equipment distributor in China, Taiwan and Vietnam, Sun Chemical Supply will provide deep industry knowledge, infrastructure and client base to expand Applied DNA’s reach to service its currently commercialized business and further build its pipeline. Sun Chemical Supply offers 9 locations in Asia with highly-trained professionals in chemical analysis, innovative solutions, end-to-end manufacturing processes and equipment. Its product portfolio is complementary to Applied DNA’s, drawing synergy in customer solution sets for selling, marketing, and installing. 

“Asian countries play a key role in global textile supply chains, and we are excited to deploy Applied DNA’s CertainT platform to protect our industries and consumers with reliable authentication and traceability solutions.”

David Lai, Chairman and CEO of the Sun Chemical Supply Company

“Partnering with Sun Chemical Supply enables us to drive adoption of our CertainT platform throughout the global textile supply chain, beginning at its origin in Asia. We believe that a CertainT-certified supply chain elevates customers’ brands and products by establishing the transparency and truth that consumers desire. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Sun Chemical Supply.”

Wayne Buchen, Vice President of Strategic Sales for Textiles at Applied DNA Sciences