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Partner-in-Proof Solvay

Solvay has been using DNA molecular tags to protect its Jaguar range of guar products since 2008

Safety is key! There is a growing concern among consumers about the safety and sources of their ingredients. Being transparent and inclusive has become ever more important for consumers.

Solvay’s Jaguar is a series of natural guar polymers derived from renewable sources. Solvay has been sourcing Guar from southern Asia, controlling each stage of the extraction and processing to assure consistent quality. For this reason it has decided to guarantee authenticity of its Jaguar range of products and security in their use.

Labels made for Solvay carry the logo ‘Uniquely Jaguar’ and have proprietary and color-changing ink, which can instantly detect the presence or absence of DNA molecular tags.

“Revelations of counterfeiting and the substitution of less expensive, toxic ingredients in formulated drugs and health and beauty aids continue to be a major concern in the chemical industry.”

James A. Hayward, Ph.D., CEO and President of Applied DNA

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