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Partner-in-Proof Nutrition21

Nutrition21 is using Applied DNA’s CertainT authenticity and traceability platform to protect the IP and authenticity of their leading sports supplement ingredient, Nitrosigine®. The companies signed several multi-year agreements to cover Nitrosigine with potential to expand to other N21 ingredients.

“Nutrition21 employs rigorous preclinical and clinical trials as a key part of its product development strategy to ensure product safety and consumer trust. The scientific evidence provided by Applied DNA’s CertainT platform will support these principles with verification of product compliance through the supply chain.”

Bill Levi, Vice President of Operations at Nutrition 21

Nutrition21 is a trusted developer and supplier of novel and clinically substantiated branded ingredients for the nutritional supplement industry. With a diverse portfolio of patented health and wellness ingredients, Nutrition21 provides ingredient solutions to some of the most successful dietary supplement brands in the marketplace today. Learn more at