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Partner-in-Proof Martin & Co.

Martin Guitar uses DNA molecular tags to protect and authenticate its guitars, laminates and strings.

Martin Guitar has partnered with Applied DNA to protect its products, brands and intellectual property from counterfeiting and diversion. As part of the DNA authentication platform, any guitars made by Martin Guitar from 2011 will be able to be identified and forensically authenticated.

“We continue to work with Applied DNA Sciences on developing this program, first with our custom guitars, which have now extended to our laminates, and soon we will begin to mark our strings. We are serious about protecting our brand. Like I have said before, if you want to make guitars go ahead – just don’t use the Martin Guitar name on it.”

Chris Martin IV, Chairman and CEO of Martin Guitar

Martin Guitar selected … DNA over other authentication technologies because it can be used to covertly mark a guitar, with its location known only to Martin Guitar, and for the strength in DNA generally in prosecution. As an identification procedure, DNA is recognized in courts in general as strong forensic evidence. 

DNA can also be used in combination with wireless tracking technologies such as RFID as a way to ensure that those devices are not copied or tampered with. As guitars are DNA-marked in quantity, forensic authentication by our labs, both as a quality control measure and also testing of products already in the field, can prove in time to be a strong anti-counterfeiting platform.

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