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Partner-in-Proof Louis Dreyfus Company

From sourcing certified cotton to promoting agricultural best practice within and beyond our value chain, LDC has begun using  a ‘diagnostic system that applies DNA to determine the purity and quality of some of its cotton.

LDC is a global merchant and processor of agricultural goods. Guided by strong values and building on their rich heritage, LDC works to realize their vision for a safe and sustainable future, contributing to the global effort to provide sustenance for a growing population. CertainT proof point technology uses microscopic DNA molecular tags that are sprayed on the cotton at the gin just before packaging. These tags bind to the plant’s fibers and act as a microscopic barcode that can be tracked throughout the supply chain. 

The labels PimaCott and Homegrown, which are used to brand the cotton that is traced using CertainT DNA molecular tags, are useful for manufacturers, traders and retailers. And if consumers see these labels on a product, they have an absolute guarantee that the cotton used in its manufacture was responsibly sourced and produced. Learn more at

“This unique partnership within the supply chain will help ensure that the consumer gets exactly what the label says: the finest cotton grown in the world today, 100% Pima Cotton grown in America.”

Rodger Glaspey, Head of Western US operations for cotton at Louis Dreyfus Commodities