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Partner-in-Proof Himatsingka

Applied DNA and Himatsingka America began working together in 2015 to commercialize the world’s first supply chain-verified cotton product. 

Himatsingka is an integrated global textile major that designs, develops, manufactures, distributes, and retails a suite of textile products. Himatsingka uses Applied DNA’s traceability solutions technologies to preserve the integrity of cotton fiber at its precise point of origin, allowing them to track the date, time, and geographic location, as well as the social and environmental practices used to produce the cotton.

“The Himatsingka Group remains committed to bringing cotton traceability for all major varietals of cotton including Egyptian cotton, while maintaining the highest standards of traceability solutions and quality control mechanisms. We applaud Applied DNA for advancing the solutions for the cotton industry as we believe that DNA science is the new standard for purity and authenticity.”

Shrikant Himatsingka, CEO of The Himatsingka Group

Brands featuring Applied DNA’s technology:

Pimacott is the world’s only pima cotton brand proven pure at every step of the supply chain

Homegrown Cotton is 100% American grown, source-verified upland cotton

Himatsingka’s installed capacities for manufacturing bedding and bath products, drapery and upholstery fabrics, and fine-count cotton yarn are amongst the largest in the world. Learn more at

PimaCott bedding products are available for purchase from the retailers below: