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Partner-in-Proof Natco

Natco Partners with Applied DNA for Cutting-Edge Packaging and Labeling Solutions

Natco proudly collaborates with Applied DNA to offer cutting-edge packaging and labeling solutions featuring CertainT DNA and other advanced forensic technologies.

These innovative solutions play a crucial role in safeguarding the authenticity of products, providing robust authentication mechanisms to combat counterfeiting and enhance brand protection.

Secure labels and packaging serves as the primary defense for your brand. Having a reliable means to verify the authenticity of your products is vital. By leveraging CertainT, we eliminate uncertainty and empower you to swiftly and affordably secure your products.”

About Natco: A Global Leader in Apparel Identification
With over 50 years of expertise, Natco stands as a global manufacturer of labels, trims, and hardware, dedicated to serving the apparel industry. Our extensive product range positions us uniquely as one of the select companies worldwide capable of supplying comprehensive solutions to large apparel manufacturers. From distinctive woven labels that define brands to packaging, barcodes, and price stickers seen by consumers at retail stores, Natco covers every aspect of product identification.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Natco owns and operates manufacturing facilities across the globe. Boasting over 600 looms, printing presses, and advanced machinery strategically located for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Natco stands as one of the world’s most efficient product identification and packaging companies. Equipped with the latest technological upgrades, our extensive production network allows us to organize production and distribution seamlessly across our global locations, tailoring each process to meet the specific requirements of every program.