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Partner-in-Proof Bowles Farming Company

Bowles Farming Company began working with key partners in 2014 to implement traceability technology in some of the Pima they produce.

Using state-of-the-art DNA technology, we are now able to effectively mark cotton for this program in order for it to be traced through the supply chain and verify the end product’s integrity. This is a revolutionary concept and it ensures the consumer that they are purchasing a pure product from farmers who take care and pride in what they do. Below are the three major components of our verified Pimacott ELS cotton. Click for more info on Pimacott®.

The Bowles Promise

Bowles Farm cotton fiber is tagged at the source using cutting edge technology, allowing us to proudly state product from PimaCott is verifiably comprised of extra long staple pima cotton, grown in the San Joaquin Valley, California. Pimacott is the world’s only pima cotton that is verified pima, from crop to consumer, through a revolutionary DNA tracking system.

* Pimacott is a registered trademark of Himatsingka Group