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Partner-in-Proof A & E

A&E with Applied DNA technology created the world’s first anti-counterfeit, sustainable sewing threads.

Integrity™ ECO100 identification thread was created by adding CertainT® proof point technologies to A&E’s 100% recycled thread line. The result is a sustainable and secure thread solution that is unparalleled in the industry.

“Our customers are hyper-aware of the detrimental effects of counterfeit products, from lost sales to the potential loss of brand equity. It’s a real and global threat. Our expansion of Integrity™ secure thread technology developed with Applied DNA Sciences, is a natural progression for us to address our customers’ needs and extend our brand protection solutions.”

Chris Alt, President, A&E.

“INTEGRITY thread protects the brand, as well as supply chains, at a time when security and sustainability are extremely important. We are helping to ensure that customers can meet their supply chain traceability and sustainability goals.” 

Wayne Buchen, Vice President, Strategic Sales, Applied DNA Sciences.

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